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Change Is Good

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change

With the upcoming move, things are getting pretty hectic. I am thankful that my job has allowed me to relocate to a different country and is supporting me in a lot of ways. Lots of gratitude to my colleagues and bosses. There are a lot of things to balance and we are trying to keep […]


Sorry for the grim title. One thing that is certain in life is death. So, it is sad to hear one of the artists that I listened to when I was young has passed away. It came up as breaking news when I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Sorry for the grim post but […]

France Here We Come!

After an eventful series of visits to the Visa Center, we finally received our entry visa to France over the weekend! It’s official, flights are booked, we are moving. It wasn’t an easy decision but the opportunity seems too good not to grasp. We have always moved within Europe as a couple and had the […]


It’s Friday Again

It’s funny how what my kids listen to influencing my spotify playlist. This is one catchy tune that made its way and very fitting for a Friday. The beats are addictive and gets stuck in a loop in my head. The track is called Friday by Riton x Nightcrawlers. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Birthday Dearest!

My significant other celebrates her birthday today! This post is dedicated to her for being an amazing wife, mum and daughter. A funny thing about birthdays, when I was living in Amsterdam, everyone congratulated me during her birthday. I found this strange but apparently that’s what the dutch do. They will congratulate the family members […]

Wake Up Determined

If you are in need of a bit of mid-week inspiration or motivation, I hope this post keeps you going! I was reviewing some quotes and this reasonated with me…. It comes from one of the most well known WWE wrestlers and one of the highest paying actor in Hollywood. Hoping to get some additional […]

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Power Rangers

During my primary school years before Disney Channel arrived, national TV in the afternoon after school and weekends were filled up with a mix of cartoons and kids shows from Japan like the live action Ultraman and western cartoons like Captain Planet…. One that occupy a large chunk of my memory bank of my childhood […]

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Artists That I Watched Live So Far

Time to reminisce about acts that I was fortunate to view life over the years. I tried to list them in chronological order and have included their most memorable songs to me. Hope you know some of them and that they can bring back some good memories for you too. Backstreet Boys, 1-Stop, Penang, Malaysia […]

21st Class Stamp

Royal Mail Stamp Swap Out

Did you know that Royal Mail are adding barcodes to their traditional regular stamps? The barcodes are to offer future digital services that are accessible through the Royal Mail App. Any stamps of any denominations primarily featuring the Queen’s Head can be swapped out as they will no longer be valid after 31st January 2023. […]

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Hear The Lionesses Roar

We witnessed history being created this evening when England’s Women’s Football team were crowned the European champions at Wembley Stadium! My daughter and I watched the live telecast on BBC and had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout. It is most definately a well deserving performance by the team and a fairy tale ending for the […]