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Hagia Sofia

We decided to visit one of the key sites of Istanbul on Christmas day. We traveled there by Taxi early in the morning to avoid the crowds and returned via public transport.

Hagia Sophia, officially the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, is a mosque and a major cultural and historical site in Istanbul, Turkey. The last of three church buildings to be successively erected on the site by the Eastern Roman Empire, it was completed in 537 AD.

It was recently reopened as a Mosque again and were closed during prayer times. The museum were under renovation and we were unfortunately unable to visit some of the exhibits. Nevertheless, the place although crowded, was well managed.

Although growing up in Malaysia, I never entered a Mosque before. As it is a place of worship, guests are expected to dress appropriately. I did not take as many pictures due to the crowds but here are some snapshots of the amazing building.


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