ParkRun France Suspended

My planned weekly dose of 5km run have been suspended for several months now. I found this out about a week ago after trying to find my closest event. I was looking forward to continue our weekly family run and feeding off the energy of other fellow runners. We are regular participants due to the close proximity of the event to where we live while in the UK.

We hope that the organisers and volunteers will be able to find a resolution. Read more about the reasons behind the suspension.

I have to credit the weekly run to help me achieve my personal best this year and for keeping me fit. Something that I did not regularly do growing up and hopefully the participations have encouraged my kids to do so.

Additionally, there is no junior event here and trying to continue the habit of participating in the Junior ParkRun in the UK, we completed a 2km run with the kids by the banks of Seine River. They were visibily exhausted after two weeks of not running. It was a much needed preparation as we are joining a charity event in Windsor in a weeks time, they will struggle but we intend to complete the run as a family.

It’s getting late here now and I will be signing off shortly. Bonne Nuit.

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