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It has been indeed a month long birthday celebration for me

October Babies

In the office today, it is my turn to join in the on going monthly team birthday celebrations.

Me Preparing The Cake


Food… Glorious Food!

 There was abundance of food to eat and the most amazing one was the Jelly Cake which looked like plastic. There was a mix of flourescent colours. The alphabets read “Happy Birthday October Babies” and look like an arrangements of blocks used in nurseries.


The Amazing Jelly Cake

I swear the cake will glow in the dark if we switch off the lights. Regardless, it did taste very good. I took a huge slice home to share with my family.  Well, it has been a great week for me so far and I can’t wait to be in Langkawi for the early part of next week.

 Stay tune for more updates!


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