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Jun 28


Apologies for dull information lately. The thing is that I haven’t managed to get internet connection at my new place and lots have been happening at once.

The TV card (PVR-TV878) that I’ve bought from Low Yat Plaza was installed and is now finally up and running. It was not working at first as every time I start the program, an error message stating that there were problems running honestechTV.exe.

So, I decided to surf to the vendor’s website as stated on the box which was and looked for the driver. I found patch available for my Windows XP Sp2 Operating System. That fixed the issue.

The problem was because the software or driver was not working properly with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

If you are ever facing problems with any newly bought Graphic Cards, Audio Cards, TV Cards and so on, always surf to the vendor’s website and search for the latest drivers. Most vendors release updates and patches on their sites. Just go to Driver Downloads section of their website.

That’s all for the moment. Well, I promise that I will release couple of free downloads soon.

See Ya…

Benny Ong

Jun 27


Well, I thought that it will be cool to list down Streamyx Alternatives. Streamyx is Malaysia leading consumer/household broadband service provider. Here are a couple of other competing providers that you may want to give a go for if you are fed up with streamyx’s service. I am not to sure about their quality though.

Airzed (Penang Only)

Please post other service providers under comments and I will add them gradually onto the list.

Take care.

Jun 24


Greetings everyone,

Today, I am Low Yat Plaza accompanying my buddies on a gadget shopping spree.

Things on my list to get today would include a USB wireless adaptor (to grab whatever connection that is freely available at my place), blank CD-Rs/DVD-Rs and a Laptop bag.

Well, the funny thing is that I am surfing the net from a shop using a laptop they are displaying for sale. Since that I am waiting for my friend solving his problems with his laptop, I figure I might as well.

I don’t feel comfortable anymore as passers by are watching what I am doing. Well, that’s all for the moment. Until next time, take care….

Benny Ong XXX

Jun 19


An e-mail that I’ve just received shortly that is worth sharing. Enjoy….

A businessman met a beautiful girl and agreed to spend the afternoon with her for $500. They did their thing, and before he left, he told her that he did not have any cash with him, but he

would have his secretary write a cheque and mail it to her, calling the payment “RENT FOR APARTMENT.”

On the way to the office, he regretted what he had done, realizing that the whole event had not been worth the price. So he had his secretary send a cheque for $250 and enclose the
following typed note:

“Dear Madam:

Enclosed find a cheque for $250 for rent of your apartment. I am not sending the amount agreed upon, because when I rented the place, I was

under the impression that:

#1 – it had never been occupied;

#2 – there was plenty of heat; and

#3 – it was small enough to make me feel cosy and at home.

However, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that
there wasn’t any heat, and that it was entirely too large.”

Upon receipt of the note, the girl immediately returned the cheque for $250 with the following note:

“Dear Sir:

First, I cannot understand how you could expect a beautiful apartment to remain unoccupied indefinitely. As for the heat, there is plenty of it, if you know how to turn it on. Regarding the space, the apartment is indeed of regular size, but if you don’t have enough

furniture to fill it, please do not blame the management.

Please send the rent in full or we will be forced to contact your present landlady.

Jun 19


Greetings Everyone,

I woke up Sunday morning to find my Sexy Purple Kembara missing. I have already reported it to the police.

Thanks for all your care and offer to help. It will be most probably for about six months that I will not have a ride. Any suggestions for a new car?

Well, that’s all for the moment. Till next time…. take care…

Benny Ong XXX

Jun 17


Dear all,

Apologies for not posting anything up. This is a brief post as I am rushing to meet someone.

Yesterday, I played Paintball for the first time and it was FUN!!!! All guys played without wearing any protective vests. It wasn’t that painfull really or I just did not get shot that much I guess. Below is the picture of the paintball team I was in called Echo.

BTW, I am Prince 2 Certified by passing the exams. I found out the result at work on thursday. Prince 2 is a project management certification. Quickly do a search on it to find out more.

Just a quick picture of the whole gang after we finish our Prince 2 exams.

Till next time, take care.

Benny Ong XXX

Jun 10


Greetings Everyone,

I am all fine and finally have a chance to post a word or two on my blog.

As some of you may know, I have started working for a company in KL. I am currently based in Bukit Jalil near to the 1998 Commonwealth (Hope I got the spelling right) Games. Everything is fine but I am still struggling without the internet at my home. It will take the providers a while before they can get the internet up and running at my place.

I am using a childhood friends computer and can see how ugly my site look on a different setting with all the wording and designs distorted. UGLY!!!! Let me hope that most of you that frequent my site do not have to struggle with such horror.

Well, I think that’s all for the moment and I should be making a move from here back to my nest at Bukit Jalil.

Till next time, take care…..

Benny XXX