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You would not believe where I am right now, I am in Lim Kok Wing Cyberjaya Campus library writing this post.

Yup, it has come to a time that I am so desperate to get a decent internet connection that I won’t mind travelling that far. If you think that I have enrolled for a Design course here, you are wrong. Story on how I ended up here then? Well, just face it that I am here on a Saturday afternoon.

By the way, yesterday, I uploaded an e-cover maker script over the internet that you can freely use to create the covers for your e-products. This is a good tool for all those budding e-marketers that are working on their first product and do not have much time or money to spare on coming up with the images.

On the sidelines, I will be working on my first major e-product soon that hopefully will be successful. On how much I will profit for it, it is not a major concern of mine yet.

There is all for today and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Benny Ong XXX