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Today my boss is making her weekly trip from Amsterdam to London for some meetings and she was very kind to have allowed me to choose a theatre show of my choice to watch as a treat.

Tina Arena as Roxie Hart

It took me a while but I decided to go for Chicago at Cambridge Theatre because Tina Arena is playing the lead as Roxie. She was one of the singer’s that I listen to when I was just starting secondary school. It was surprisingly to see how tiny she is in person.

The whole play lasted about 2 hours with a 15 minutes interval. The performance was no doubt amazing by all the actors. I particularly envy the well build body of the male actors. I wonder how much effort they put in getting those firm chest. Loads of hard work I reckon.

Well, there is nothing much I can elaborate further about the play as the story line was exactly like the movie. I was particularly impress that the band sits and face the audience which is usually not the case unless my two theatre experience is not sufficient. They also fully utilize the whole stage to the maximum the small area.

It was well worth the whole evening and it took some stress of my back although I was a bit struggling to stay awake from the alcohol earlier. 

Benny Ong