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Like most webmasters, I use Google Adsense on roughly 50% of my sites to generate income. I am still learning how to optimize my adsense rate to increase profits. I am sure you have heard about people making thousands per day from Google Adsense which is very possible.
You may have also realized the recent […]

Start Your Own Web Hosting Company

Dear Readers, It has come to my attention that most people would like to start an online business but do not know how. If you are one of those, my advice is that you test out the waters first by understanding the basics and how online businesses run.

I have a great opportunity to share with you […] is Not Another Friendster

After the birth of Friendster came, Hi5, WAYN, Zorpia, Namesdatabase and Malaysia even had it’s own Kawanster.
Well, I stumbled upon a new one I just found over someone’s blog and it is called Ziki. The reason that it is worth mentioning is because Ziki is really different as it is not a blog […]

Problems Playing Mp4 Video

Well, I remembered sometime ago when I downloaded a movie that was in MP4 format. Although the file was playable in Windows Media Player, no video will show up and the time line will continue to go on.
I instantly remembered the time when I could not play .avi files without downloading the Divx codec. (Codec […]

The Outlook Messages File

I have just bought a new PC that I reformat to my own needs. After completing the installation, I realize that I did not back up my Outlook e-mail messages.

I found several ways to back up your Outlook messages but it requires me powering up the old machine and using the export tool to export […]