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Greetings Everyone,

I spent the weekend in Palace of The Golden Horses, KL for a Seminar on Property investment held by Renesial Leong. Renesial Leong is a well-known property investor as well as a best selling author of two books which my mum is a proud owner of both. Below is a picture of me and Renesial Leong:

We heard about this seminar from the newspaper The Star and agreed on attending it after my mother persuaded me to do so. The seminar was for two days with an international buffet dinner a night before and I am glad I attended it. Now I intend to get my first residential property within 6 months.

I have never attended a proper seminar although it was always something I wanted to do. I would have never guessed that my first will be about Property Investment. I am used to be the youngest on attending events or occasions such as this but this time as I am growing older, I was glad to be joined by like minded people and no one brought up the matter of being too young.

I now have a firm believe that property investment is definitely a wise investment vehicle that is safe and should be considered by anyone who wants to generate another source of income.

The hotel on the other hand might be given the 6-star rating but the service was not up to my expectations especially if the room rates were at minimum RM 600/night. I am still wondering which authority gives the ratings and how often do they do spot checks or surprise visits to audit it.

For starters, the waiters were not well trained unprepared to handle us or even other guests. During the two buffet lunches that we had along the course, signs indicating what food was being served were not present and when waiters were asked, they could not confirm what they were. It took ages for the waiter to server us drinks and even clear the table. Does this happen often or just because no VVIPs were present like the ones shown in the pictures decorating their lobby corridors? Whatever the answer might be, at the end of the day, we are in a way or another still a paying customer that deserves the services we expected. If you are a person in charge of the standards of the hotel, feel free to contact me and I will give you my feedback in terms of service provided.

The interior, exterior and surroundings of the hotel was no doubt good but the important things like service that matters a lot can be improved.

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That’s all for the moment, till next time…..

Take care….

Benny Ong