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May 1, 2010 - Royal Diary    No Comments

Aylesbury Becomes A Ghost Town

Happy Labour Day everyone! Unfortunately, there is no day trips today due to a peaceful demonstration in the town center. Public transports are not running full service due to this.

Check out the Market Square in the morning where the town center looks dead. I pity the local businesses.

This was the picture I took using my Blackberry during my visit to the town center on Thursday evening. The lions have been boxed up to protect them from vandalism I guess.

There were sounds of helicopters hovering on top of my apartment all day which I believe was due to the close proximity to the town center which made it a good spot to capture footage. I was following the status of the march using twitter which was updated by citizen journalists, the local paper and the police. The whole event ended with a little bit of violence.

Both video recordings were produced by the Thames Valley Police which did a great job in maintaining the peace.

Apr 12, 2010 - Royal Visits    No Comments

Hell Fire Caves High Wycombe

A day trip to High Wycombe by train to visit Hell Fire Caves. I was told about this location by a colleague when I first arrived to Aylesbury as a nearby tourist attraction.

The man made chalk caves were indeed unique and have loads of tales and myths. It is a collection of interconnected caves and chambers.

Hell Fire Cave
The Entrance

The tourist attraction was made famous by the recordings of two ghost hunting shows as there are two resident ghosts here. The most famous one is Suki, the female bride ghost. Benjamin Franklin was also believed to have come here when he was a child.


After the caves, we took a hike up the hill where the Church Of St Lawrence and The Dashwood Mausoleum (pic above) was. Due to its hill top location, it was visible during my train ride here.

I would recommend this as a good day out but make sure you have other activities planned such as a visit to the town center or this trip can be quickly over. I visited using the 2 for 1 voucher from Network Rail which reduced the entry price to 2.50 per person.

For more information, visit their official website.